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Meet the Makers – 2013

www-IconDavid Archer :: imageArcher’s Arcadia

David Archer is a contemporary Automata Maker, who draws inspiration from Victorian and Edwardian carnivals and seaside arcades. He often uses recycled materials and found objects to create his whimsical gadgetry. David exhibits his collective works as a traveling show, in a circus themed tent called Archer’s Arcadia.

Loretta ArOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcher :: Textile Artist

Loretta Archer originally began her foray into textiles in the field of fashion design and garment construction. She then ventured into the realm of spinning, weaving and felting. She uses wool, mohair and silk and for the past twenty years she has concentrated mainly on alpaca.

www-IconMike GreenSparkASTRO SA

Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation of South Australia, provides a unique forum for the networking and sharing of ideas related to alternative science and technology and/or with an alternative approach to mainstream science.

Facebook-IconAustralian Dalek Builders Union

Full scale, fully functional Daleks that “tend to be better and more detailed than the actual
props used on the show”.

Australia’s Dalek Builders formed a union in 2012 to share their love of building the scariest cyborgs from the worlds longest running science fiction show in history, Doctor Who’s Daleks.

The Union is an Australian subset of the British group of builders called Project Dalek and the members come together once a month to share experiences, skills and knowledge.

EndeaP1070760vour College

Endeavour College has been a leader in South Australian schools for the use of 3D printers in their Design and Technology program. Maker Faire will enable us to display the great range of projects that our students undertake in classes. This technology has inspired many of our students who have amazed us with the creativity of the pieces they have designed.

The use of 3D printers in the curriculum has sparked extra excitement in the Design and Technology program. The increased demand for further learning in this area has seen Endeavour College create a new course with the focus on the advanced manufacturing area. This course is extremely relevant for many of our students as the advanced manufacturing industry is very prominent in our surrounding northern suburbs.

www-Iconcd0c9T-aLOJCB9zjTcaREGcWJvQZz1wqtOAyH7Z2YV8Engraving Crew

The Engraving Crew is a one stop laser cutting and engraving service, with in-house precision CO2 laser, YAG laser and computerised engravers. With over 15 years of knowledge, experience and passion, they can take your designs and projects and make them a reality. The Engraving Crew can engrave almost any material – from titanium to marshmallows.

D_MG_0504ominik Fretz :: OpenROV

Dominik Fretz is a scuba diving instructor and has been an avid software developer in the .NET space for over 10 years. While he is relatively new to the Maker movement, he is part of the core team behind OpenROV, the Do It Yourself telerobotics community centred around underwater exploration and education.

He hopes to MAKE the world a better place by giving citizen scientists and explorers the chance to discover the underwater world. “Only where there’s knowledge, there can be change!”

image courtesy OpenROV

Gibberjoe :: Landyachtsph4

GibberJoe is a war-borne boy who grew up with all the toys of the Woomera Rocket Range,  from which he takes his roots, education, values and avatar.

Life always used wheels and involved Bikes and Billycarts. His working years [now retired] were taken up with engineering, surveying, exploration, tourism, catering and mining – a great life!

His hobbies have always been sailing, cartography, history and tinkering. A motorcycle accident at 18 caused big problems at 48. “The Black Dog” slept with him for many years, ending his working life. It was  ‘recover thru my own efforts or die’. Gibberjoe chose to fight and returned to his childhood passions……Billycarts…with sails…..Landyachts!  They give him all the things he needs in life: a challenge, mental stimulation, tinkering, exercise, travel, friendship….That’s Life…..

Twitter-Iconwww-Icon20120905_204559_8_bestshotHackerspace Adelaide

An open group of people with an interest in electronics & computing, who meet to share & work on ideas.

Hacking is the understanding that technology is malleable, and so much more than a shiny box you buy from a shop. Sometimes we take things apart to find out how they work, sometimes we put things back together to make them better and sometimes we use what we have learned to make entirely new things. The only skill requirement for attending a Hacksession is curiosity, and the range of technologies we explore is entirely determined by the attendees, so bring your current hack along, or pop in and see what people are working on.

Twitter-IconWordpress-IconTHBportrait1Tim Hayward-Brown :: The Fly

See aircraft weighing only 1.2 grams that can fly for nearly 40 mins on the power of a twisted rubber band.

Tim has flown in model aeroplane events in the UK, Italy, the Czech Republic and Serbia. Last year he represented Australia at the World Championships for indoor model aeroplanes in Belgrade. He is the current Australian Champion in the international indoor category known as F1D.

He is looking forward to demonstrating a new indoor flying model design called ‘The Fly’. A free plan will be available and kits of materials will be on sale. Online support after the Faire will be available for those who attempt this delicate challenge.

Etsy-Iconimage courtesy Claire IshinoClare Ishino

Claire Ishino studied Jewellery Design at the University of South Australia. After graduating, she worked as a designer in Adelaide for several years before traveling to Japan to teach English for a year. One year in Japan soon extended to eight and, while living in Nagoya, she began creating jewellery again and exhibited and sold her work across Japan from Osaka to Tokyo.

In 2009, Claire returned to Adelaide and is currently working from her home based studio where she makes jewellery and cards, paints and draws. Her work is inspired by nature, personal experience and her love of pattern making. She enjoys using a variety of materials including silver, Japanese washi paper, gouache, ink and recycled plastic and newspaper.


www-IconSpinners & Weavers
Members of the Spinners & Weavers Guild and the Barossa Spinners & Weavers will demonstrate different spinning and weaving techniques.

Jan Kershaw :: Textile Artist

UntitledIn her day job, Jan Kershaw is a mild-mannered public servant, but she has a secret double life – she’s a textile artist. Jan dabbles in batik, tie dye, silk painting, felting, spinning, quilting and weaving in her spare time.

Jan is also particularly interested in the Maker Faire as her daughter is helping to organise it!

Twitter-IcondisplayshotMarc Lane :: Twitter Telegraph

Marc is constantly on the lookout for items to advance his projects and his knowledge. He is into anything new and potentially hackable. In his spare time he tries his hands at everything from Arduino and Android coding, designig electronics, 3d printing, CNC, metal fabrication, aquaponics, engine rebuilds and anything in between. Marc lives his life on the belief that anything is possible you just need to have an open mind and give it a go.

Marc will be exhibiting a project he has been working on and collecting parts for over several years. This project takes a look back into Australia’s history with the Overland Telegraph and infuses it with one of todays social networks – Twitter.

Photo of Michael Mathew for Mini Makers FaireMichael Mathew :: Bookbinder

Michael Mathew is a hobbyist bookbinder and a life member of the NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders Inc.

Since retiring and moving to Adelaide he has specialised in the repair of books (loose pages, broken sewing, missing spines, etc) and has taught both privately and at U3A, WEA and for various craft groups.

At the Mini Maker Faire he will show and sell finished hand made notebooks, offer advice on the repairability of books that people may care to bring along and work on repairs, hand-sewing, simple slipcases and oriental style bindings.

Twitter-IconWebsite-Iconbio imageMonkeystack

The art & invention of Monkeystack & friends.

Monkeystack…animation studio by day, Makers by night. Come and join Monkeystack for a bizarre mix of 3D printing, robotics, Steampunk, cosplay, Augmented Reality and more.

Monkeystack guarantees a smile, a laugh and probably a confused look or two. In a nutshell, they make stuff and would love to share the stuff with you!

www-IconDean Hutton and Rob Morrison The Curiosity Show

Meet stars of The Curiosity Show, Dr. Rob Morrison & Dr. Deane Hutton.

maker-guitarPeter O’Dwyer :: Hand Crafted Classical Guitars

Peter O’Dwyer made his first guitar in 1985, but due to a lack of essential materials and ‘know-how’, it was a total failure – in spite of the fact that he copied its shape from another very good guitar.

After moving to Adelaide in 1986, Peter joined an instrument-making group and met other instrument makers.  He continued making guitars as a hobby and in doing so, gained a lot of experience and essential ‘know-how’ to produce instruments that are beautiful both visually and musically.

www-IconimageReg Pye :: Genie 3D Printer

Reg Pye is from Peterborough and has developed the Genie 3D Printer in an effort to introduce 3D printing to his local community. It was designed to be strong and accurate, yet easy to build.

The complete system will include more than just a printer. He has also planned and is currently developing a plastic shredder to recycle plastics, a plastic extruder to make filament, and a 3D scanner.  His future plans include teaching his community how to design 3D objects, problem solving and further developments of the printer hardware.

www-IconAID-HF492310-390001Technical Aid to the Disabled SA (TADSA)

Technical Aid to the Disabled SA (TADSA) is a statewide charity whose volunteers design and build or modify equipment that is not readily available for people with disabilities. TADSA is the only charity in South Australia which provides this service.

Another service TADSA provides is the FREEDOM WHEELS program where bikes are custom built bikes for kids with disabilities The organisation’s major objective is to improve the quality of life for people who struggle with day to day activities. It has provided this service for the last 35 years.

treasure_chestHoward Seaman :: Seaman’s Chests

Howard Seaman has been making boxes and other wooden articles in his small workshop in Happy Valley for over three years as a hobby. Each box is designed and made using an ever expanding range of tools.

The boxes are mainly made from hardwoods and include recycled materials where possible. Each design is inspired by the grain, colour and the timber available.  Howard is fascinated by historical design and use of boxes.

DSCN1242Tony Schick :: Rocking Horse

Tony Schick is a retired IT professional who has returned to his original “shed guy” roots inherited from his Father and Grandfather.

The rocking horse was made by Tony as a gift to his family, with all parts except the eyes and metal fittings constructed in Tony’s shed. The entire project occupied approximately 150 hours during the winter months of 2012.

Tony likes to call upon his IT background to help with his projects, preferring to design in 3D CAD programs and construct from drawings once the design is complete. He is currently working on translating the full sized rocking horse plans into a scaleable version which will be a miniaturised laser cut copy for his Grandaughter’s dolls house.

Some of his other projects include being part of a group restoring a 1950’s vintage aircraft (a Super Aero 145), and another group preparing a 1960 P4 Rover 100 for a wedding (including a complete stripdown and respray). He is a member of the Institute of Back Yard Studies and a volunteer at Fab Lab Adelaide.

Twitter-IconFacebook-Iconwww-Iconwill-and-gavGav Smith and Will Tamblyn :: Voxon

Introducing  Voxiebox, the world’s first open-source volumetric display.

Gav and Will are obsessed by all things technical. They like taking things to pieces and putting them back together in different ways.   They are self-taught in many areas of design, manufacture, programming and visualisation – and over the past four years they have been trying to turn their crazy scribblings and random thoughts into something real and exciting.

The Volumetric Display project was conceived after a few beers, standing in the shed wondering what to make. The conversation went something like this:

Gav – “What do you reckon we should make?”
Will – “How about a robot with a holographic projector for a head?”
Gav – “Hmm, that sounds impossible, holographic projectors don’t exist yet.”
Will – “Exactly, so let’s build one.”
Gav – “Yeah, ok”

It turns out it wasn’t impossible, just really, really difficult. Gav and Will will be at Adelaide Mini Maker Faire to share the lessons they learned.

The HoloDome (image courtesy HoloDome)

Weaving0001Katherina Urban :: Master Weaver

Katharina Urban is a Master Weaver, who studied weaving in Germany. In 2005 she gained a Diploma of Fellowship in the Royal Society of Arts in SA. She has been a judge at the Gawler and Royal Adelaide Show for over 35 years. She teaches and exhibits her weaving in SA. Her tapestries and inkle weaving are her forte.

20130321_152406Stephen Whitehorn :: 3D Mendal Printer

On the 3rd of January 2012 Stephen Whitehorn stumbled across an article about RepRap 3D printers, which were quickly becoming a hit amongst hobbyists and tinkerers around the world.  Further reading lead him to a wiki page and a YouTube video by the famous Dr Adrian Bowyer.  He was immediately hooked, and purchased a set of Mendel ABS plastic parts.  Then came the build…

At the end of the build, Stephen had fully functioning home-built 3D printer. Of course, this was followed with soldering wires, trial and error of firmware, blocked extruders and printing many of the famous 40 mm Calibration Cube Tests.  Stephen and his 3D Mendel Printer will be at Adelaide Mini Maker Faire, where you can ask him about building and using his printer.

Twitter-IconSW_01Steve Wilson :: Hotrod your Holga

Steve Wilson works as a lecturer and technician in photography at the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the UniSA for the past six years, so he’s seen a lot of amazing photographs!  This has challenged him to find an angle, or view or perspective that hasn’t been shown before.

Steve has combined three of his loves/obsessions: photography, electronics and flying by shooting images from a remote controlled multi-rotor aircraft, enabling him to take photos from the sky.  Steve shoots on film,  but film cameras are heavy. His solution is to use a plastic Holga camera. Holgas are a fixed aperture, fixed shutter speed, plastic lens camera loved by art students the world over.  They produce a soft dreamy image that only cheap manufacturing can produce, and every camera has its own individual quirks.

Trying to redo what Kodak did back in 1938 and make an auto exposure camera was made a bit easier with an arduino micro-controller, a few servo motors and a modern li-po battery.

Hot rodding his Holga has allowed Steve to be able to capture images that you haven’t seen before.

TinsmithJohn Yard :: Sheet Metal Worker and Tinsmith

From a very early age, John would help his Dad  – who was a Tinsmith sheet metal worker –  with polishing copper kettles by turning the buff handle of the polishing machine.  John and his Dad took on a vast variety of jobs, including tinning of copper milk coolers to copper kettles.

John has always loved the sheet metal trade and especially enjoys making copies of antiques using the same techniques the used to make the originals.  He gets a lot of pleasure from showing people the old-time ways of makings and says of himself: “I am not a talker, I am a thinker”.

Vimeo-IconTwitter-Iconwww-IconACC Innovation Lab

Hands-on demonstration of 3D printers & IT training in the Digital Hub.

Facebook-Iconwww-IconAir-Stream Wireless

Non-profit community group using Wide Area Networking to support participation & communication in the community.

Go’n Toxic

A child’s toy that attaches to their bicycle.

Twitter-Iconwww-IconDIY Chiptunes

Making music from obsolete sound chips & games consoles.


Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio

Homemade radios, antennas & RF test gear.


Adelaide’s premiere Anime & Video games Convention.

Twitter-Iconwww-IconServal Project

Liberating mobile phones from the tyranny of infrastructure dependence.

Twitter-Iconwww-IconFlinder University Interactive & Accessible Gaming

Computer gaming system & controller for people with impairment mobility limitations.

Twitter-Iconwww-IconFlinders University Autonomous Robots

Demonstrating the robotic platforms used for research and teaching.

www-IconRoustabout Art

Mixed media art.

Deltasine R3dback 3D printer

Australian designed & made 3D printer.


3D printing real wood & high strength nylon filaments.

Twitter-Iconwww-IconBilby CNC

Demonstrating the latest 3D printers including the Makerbot Replicator 2X.

Twitter-IconTwitter-Iconwww-IconHenley High School

How advanced technology is used at Henley High School.

www-IconUni SA

Take making to the next level & find out about careers in Industrial Design.

PIC Users

Exploring the fields of electronic mictrocontrollers, CNC equipment etc.


SciWorld invites you to the third level to explore the night sky in our huge inflatable Stardome, or to try your hand at programming a robot. Regular sessions throughout the day and it’s all FREE!

Twitter-IconFacebook-Iconwww-IconhomeJames, the reallybigroadtrip.com bus (image courtesy Fee Plumley)reallybigroadtrip.com

Come and meet “homeJames” the reallybigroadtrip bus and discover Fee’s plans to drive around Australia making & sharing digital arts as she goes.

Vimeo-IconTwitter-IconFacebook-IconThom Buchanan

See painter and cross-disciplinary artist Thom use his unique “live performance drawing” techniques.

Artistic Blacksmiths Association

Demonstration of blacksmithing.

Speed Gun

Try out a home made speed radar gun.

Schenscher Brothers

Recycled artwork.

Twitter-IconTwitter-Iconwww-IconTrev in China (photo courtesy Team Trev)Trev

A low mass electric car that has been driven 28,000 km around the world in 80 days of driving, using just $400 of wind energy.

www-IconAEVA_MakerFaireAustralian Electrical Vehicles Association

Can’t afford an Electric car? Come and see how to MAKE a petrol car into an electric car.  The Adelaide branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association will have electric vehicles on display in the AC Arts building basement carpark. Come and talk to those who MAKE it happen. MAKE it happen yourself with the help of those who converted petrol cars to electric cars before.

Swing Pump

A water pump powered by a child’s swing plus demonstrations of water cavitation & oil spill removal from water.

vimeo-Iconwww-IconInstitute of Backyard Studies

The Institute of Backyard Studies fosters the growth of resourcefulness,
open-ended enquiry and invention across the backyards and sheds of the

The answer to most things is in our own backyard.

Twitter-IconFacebook-Iconwww-IconThe Edge

The Edge will be bringing its hands on approach to community make engagements with short creative experiences.

Adelaide Moulding & Casting

Moulding & casting advice, workshops and demonstrations.


Learn how to solder to make a flashing LED circuit.


Learn how to solder & get started with micro-controllers.