hovercraftWelcome to the 2016

Maker Faire Adelaide

An event to inspire, inform, connect and entertain thousands of attendees in a family-friendly environment that celebrates technology, education, science, arts, crafts, engineering, food, sustainability – and more.

Maker Faire Adelaide will bring people and ideas together at Tonsley – South Australia’s latest hub for innovation, education and entrepreneurship.

Deloitte-Quote-typeThere will be over 100 displays of ideas and creativity, that will surprise and delight. Maker Faire Adelaide will be a chance to meet makers, ask questions, and see old crafts and new technologies side by side. There will also be opportunities to get hands on at workshops and a world class speakers program that will entertain the brain.

Since our inaugural Mini Maker Faire in 2013, our event has grown vastly in scale and popularity with this year’s event expected to be the largest yet. In fact we have now outgrown the ‘mini’ name and this year we will become the first Australian city to host a featured Maker Faire,  joining cities such as Paris, Austin, Cairo and Vienna producing a large scale independent event that is all about makers, inventors, artists, designers and entrepreneurs.

The Call for Makers is now open

Not ready to apply?
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Please note, applications close on 15th July application deadline has been extended until August 5th to allow applicants to also apply for our new Small Grant Scheme.

Small Grant Scheme

We know making big things and transporting big things to Maker Faire Adelaide can get expensive. To help you make something spectacular or to transport something big to the Faire we are very pleased to be able to offer a small grant to help.